Monthly Archives: December 2012


Today Bea and I went to the library! It is one of her favorite places. It's been a while since just the two of us went, and last time she sort of wandered about and waited for me to tell her where to go. This time she bolted for the children's section and left me in the proverbial dust. She hit her parentally imposed 3 book max in under as many minutes and we just browsed a bit afterwards. It's endearing to see our kids developing their parents' bibliophilia–I wonder how much of it will stick with them when they're older.

It is an old cliche that kids like the box the gift came in more than the gift itself, but it's a cliche for a reason: there is some as yet undiscovered force of physics or molecular biology that forms a strange attraction between child and empty box. We received a generous box of wrapped gifts from my parents today and after joyfully depositing them under the tree, Bea spent a nontrivial amount of time figuring out how to wedge herself into the cardboard. (also: holy smokes is that girl looking prettier and more like her momma every day.)

Sometimes people leave things on the counters at work. I have begun labeling these as exhibits to help people feel as though they are in a courtroom or a museum.

I feel like part of my job is making everyone's day a little more surreal.