Monthly Archives: November 2012


Bea and I built this playroom for Dingo tonight while Kelly was putting Samuel to sleep. One of the best parts of parenthood is getting pieces of your childhood back: I loved building things as a kid and now I get to do it again, except this time there's a little girl next to me saying "I love to build things with you, Daddy!".

Tonight Kelly was out with friends, so I was flying solo for bedtime. At first I had Samuel on my lap, but then Bea tried to join him and found there wasn't room (note to self: obtain larger lap). I moved Sam to the floor next to me, but was so successful at talking up this position that Bea decided she ALSO wanted to sit next to me on the floor. For a few golden moments, I had a child resting comfortably on each leg while I read aloud the story of an enormous and well-intentioned but clumsy red dog.