Monthly Archives: October 2012


Today Bea and I took a long walk to the place on the river where ducks can often be found. They are ducks accustomed to being fed by people, and as it's been cold and rainy, people had clearly not been feeding them. Poor Bea's eyes got a little wide when forty ducks approached even before we opened the bag of stale Chex. Some of those quackers were almost aggressive but she took it in stride. Witness the bravery!

Bea received two buckets of Duplos today after Kelly made a grand find at a garage sale. I think Kelly and I forgot just how much we loved playing with Legos; after Sam went to sleep we built this tower together and Bea was beside herself with joy. "I'm like you, Daddy!" she said. "I like to build, like you! And you like to build, like me! I'm so happy! I'm happy that we're playing with the blocks together!"