Monthly Archives: May 2012


Here is a rarity: a Photo of the Day for which I was not the photographer and in fact not even present at all! This is my brother Rusty reading to my daughter Beatrice, taken by my sister Megan… While I was at work. Rusty normally hails from the other side of the States, so it's nice to have him nearby for a few days.

One of the things that almost always makes Samuel smile is being placed on this little mat that has butterflies and toys dangling for him to admire. A few of the toys are within his reach, but most are too far and he often grows agitated after a few minutes when he cannot reach the one he wants.

This is the dinner Kelly and I made tonight!  Chicken parmesan with salad and broccoli and homemade ciabatta bread. It was really good. Here is a tip from my kitchen to yours: when you have a little extra breading, just dump it into the skillet with the chicken and fry it up until it's golden brown. Spoon the crunchy stuff over the chicken and sauce before broiling. Yummers.

Patrick and Katherine came over for dinner tonight, and we have finally had them over often enough that Beatrice no longer associates them with our imminent departure. She was happy to see them, even if she did hide behind my leg a little bit.