Monthly Archives: April 2012

Today my family came and saw my new office! And by “new office”, I
mean “the office I have been in since December”. Beatrice loved
running up and down the halls and we all ate a lot of French fries
from the cafeteria. Microsoft is fun! Beatrice, though still often shy
when questioned, is now much bolder when approaching people who have
things like treats or large inflatable balls in their offices. Sam was
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. And Kelly…well, let’s just say that
now I owe her a _real_ chicken sandwich.


Samuel was merely content in his bath this evening until his sister
decided to pay him a visit. I can’t believe how much that guy likes
his big sister–his father he regarded with measured interest, but
when his sister entered the room his eyes followed her everywhere and
when she spoke to him he broke out into a huge grin.


Today Ron and Linda came over and we had some pizza pizza! Beatrice likes to come with me on errands — it is often her special daddy time — so she was initially wary of papa's company. As soon as we left, however, she loved it. We all made a picture while our take and bake pizza was assembled!
The toy telephones of my youth no longer look anything like what people use to make calls today. Beatrice does not even always recognize these old toys as telephones. On a hunch, I gave her my old, unusable PDA, suspecting that she would think it was a phone. Sure enough, she taps professionally on the screen and holds it to her ear to talk to auntie Carrie, and then presses the buttons on the bottom to send her a message.


Beatrice has started to understand what daddy’s cell phone camera does. This is happy, because it means she will ask for photos and smile for them, but sad because it is the beginning of a certain self-consciousness before the lens. For now, at least, daddy’s camera is just a neat toy. :) this is her with Teeny Tiny Duckie, one of the three duck-related items that accompany her to bed and most other venues.