Monthly Archives: March 2012


This is possibly the building here at microsoft that houses the internet explorer development team. I do not know a lot about internet explorer ten, but i do know that its debugger finally breaks on caught exceptions, which probably means little to you but is a developer’s dream!


First time this year riding my bike to the office: my head pounded, my ears froze, my stomach churned, my lungs ached. I saw my breath with every exhalation and puffed like a steam engine while actual bikers glided past me effortlessly. Basically it was awesome. On the way i saw this by the swollen lake samm river–a very submerged landing.


It has rained almost constantly the last few weeks, which has left our yard–which does not have enviable drainage characteristics–to develop actual puddles. Beatrice, predictably, loves them, and during the rare sunbreaks, we go outside and she splashes in them with her froggy boots.


Sam loves the bath! He fusses a little going in, but in a few seconds he becomes adjusted to the water and then it’s smiles and talking. Beatrice likes to “help” me give him a bath by climbing under my arms and then popping up inside my arms, between me and the bathtub.