Monthly Archives: December 2011


Beatrice loves to play the piano “like daddy!” and will even tell us what song she is playing. Unfortunately she has reached the age where she does not want her solos interrupted by her father’s archaic “chords”; she now prefers to sit on the bench and improvise on her own. It is adorable.


One of my last days in this building. One of my least favorite features of 36 is its incredibly long hallways of identical offices; my office is near the end of this cell block and walking to the restroom, though a fairly straight shot, takes nearly two minutes. The worst is seeing a familiar face at the very end of the hallway walking toward you; you each must find a way to avoid continual eye contact for a full minute without brusquely rushing or staring at one’s shoes.


Beatrice is developing an independent streak. She wanted to comb her own hair tonight. Then she wanted to comb mine. My hair pretty much stays the same no matter what is done to it, so she pretty much has the run of it when she is in possession of a hair implement.


I have recently started this book by haruki murakami. I have read many of his other works and so far this one is on par with some of his best, although not quite as good as the wind-up bird chronicle. I think i will have to check it out from the library a second time to finish it–it is a very weighty tome!