Monthly Archives: November 2011


This evening, we were looking at baby names for 2.0. Most self-respecting baby name sites include a list of sibling name pairings. These are generally on target, except for this name: apparently, it is favored by visitors who also like the name “Taco Poop”.


Today beatrice and i made a lovely collection of colorful crayon swirls on some paper, and then i made a bird out of the paper and she ran through the house holding it above her head yelling “tweet tweet!” and “it’s flying! Way up high!”


This is a candid photograph of beatrice and her favorite toy, Big Duckie. Big Duckie gets fed regularly and appears particularly fond of raisins from a measuring cup. His opinion is sought on matters such as music and the arts. And sometimes, like all ducks, he leaves for a brief vacation.


I had to work late tonight and i was consequently delighted when k&b stopped by the office with fresh muffins, dinner, and a round of good cheer. I forgot to take a picture while they were here, so here is one of beatrice’s typographical efforts, left on one of my displays after the visit. She knows some of her letters and will type them, but mostly? She likes to scratch the keys so they make a lot of clacking noises and pretend she is typing like daddy.