Monthly Archives: November 2011


A few months ago, my wife made pumpkin bars. They were delicious, but i thought she was making a pumpkin roll and kept waiting for her to perform the magical rolling process that turns a thin sheet of cake into a delicious and swirly baked good. This week, she had leftover pumpkin and decided to make my pumpkin roll dreams come true!


I am making a cover for my kindle out of an old book. I saw that someone on the internet had done this and something about it seemed very appealing: maybe it’s the book-within-a-book nesting, or the modern/classic combination, or just that it’s a fun little craft. I am almost done with it!


Tomorrow we are getting our kitchen flooring replaced! This is good because, like pretty much everything in the house when i bought it, it is crappy: cheap vinyl stickers applied inexpertly over an already crappy floor. The flooring is now peeling, cracking, and separating. Thankfully, the new floor is coming tomorrow!


Beatrice likes to have us spell words. I wanted to photograph the words we spelled together, but by the time i got my phone out and its camera on she had wrecked them all. Luckily, i remember them! We spelled MOMMA, ITSY BITSY SPIDER, and BIG DUCKIE. This is an excellent use of my memory cells.