Monthly Archives: October 2011


It is a little dark, but we are at the berliner pub in renton and i have just had some good sausage and beer. The eskesens gave me some wonderfully sturdy glass frosty mugs, and beatrice practically had the run of the place, dragging each adult in turn across the restaurant.


Our old w&d ate our clothes, sucked electricity without compunction, and did not have settings that were useful on delicate clothes (the dryer had two heat settings: ‘regular’ and ‘medium’). And so i was only a little sad when the washer sprang a leak and had to go. After much research, we settled on this pair by kenmore. They’re really nice.


Beatrice is a girl. While she does not appear to harbor any desire to be a princess, she does love to make up little stories about her toys that feature relationships. Nowhere is this more clear than the bathtub, where she picks pairs of of ducks and makes them kiss. “they love each other!” she says.


We were getting ready to leave on thursday evening when kelly gave beatrice a few stickers. A few minutes later, she looked at a sticker on her fingers and said “brother like it? Brother like it?” When we looked at her quizzically she ran over to kelly and put the sticker on her belly. She’ll be a wonderful big sister.